Kartonnage Geyskens

We have been striving for more than 50 years towards quality and service.

  • Who are we?

Family Business

Kartonnage Geyskens is a family business that has been established over 60 years ago in Aarschot with its own production line developed for designing, printing, and finishing paper and cardboard packaging. Nowadays, the company is well-known and solid in the industry, boasting more than 50 years of experience and offering an extensive assortment of quality packaging, mainly for the food sector, bakeries, butcheries, caterers, etc. We stand for a decent packaging with an eye for quality, safety, health, and the environment against a balanced price-quality ratio. As a family business, we guarantee you a smooth and agile service.

With attention for the environment.

At Kartonnage Geyskens, we take our environmental responsibility seriously. All our products are made from paper and cardboard sourced from the EU, which means that we support sustainable forestry and the conservation of valuable natural sources. We believe in a future where high-quality packaging and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.

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