At Kartonnage Geyskens, we take our responsibility towards the environment seriously. We understand the impact of our activities on the environment and strive to minimize this impact as much as possible. Contact us to discover how we commit to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

At Kartonnage Geyskens, we are committed to a greener future. Our dedication to the environment is not just a duty, but a passion. We believe in packaging that protects both the products and our planet. Together, we strive for a more sustainable world.


To comply with all quality, health, and safety standards, we continue to invest in the latest techniques. We use exclusively low-chlorine paper and cardboard from Scandinavia, ensuring sustainable forestry. Our production processes are carried out in collaboration with suppliers who are committed to ecological, quality, labor, safety, and EU regulation standards.


At Kartonnage Geyskens, we strongly believe in the importance of recycling and reducing ecological footprint. Therefore, we collaborate with organizations such as Valipac and Fostplus to contribute to a sustainable and responsible waste policy in our industry. Together we are working towards a greener future.


FSC® Certified

We are FSC® certified, which stands for responsible forest management.

COC number: SCS-COC-005219-LW

Certification for responsible forest management

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